Vaping flavors, Nicotine, Weed, Then Hallucinations

Posted on June 20, 2023 View all news

My 17-year-old son went to a friend’s house almost every day all summer, and we thought the mom was watching the guys.

I downloaded SnapChat on my phone and realized that my son’s password was saved in our network. I thought well; I will check it out because he knows we do look through his stuff. What I saw shocked me. He had video after video smoking weed. While he was high, his friends would kick him and tease him and videotape it all.

We wouldn’t let him go to his friend’s house, and he began sneaking into our woods. He had some hallucinations where he thought he saw an online suicide by a gamer friend. He ended up turning to street pills and is now in rehab.

This all began with vaping flavors, then nicotine, then a dab pen which is dangerous odorless weed. At some point, he always needed more. He is now doing well in rehab, but every day is a battle for him to make the right choices.


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