Our Mission

Every Brian Matters is a community and a unifying alliance of organizations and individuals that educate about the danger of marijuana and the drug culture expansion

We work together to bring about a cultural movement through advocacy, support/recovery, science, visual public awareness by encouraging the use of the EBM merchandise, and by promoting optimal brain and environmental health.

Our Vision

A worldwide coalition where we promote the health of our children, environment, and our future by decreasing the demand for drugs, empowering our families and communities, and supporting drug prevention, education, and recovery efforts. In time, the culture of Every Brain Matters will be accepted in a majority of households, schools, and communities.

The Every Brain Matters name was introduced by Dr. Christine Miller at the first rally to oppose the legalization of marijuana in Sacramento, California back in 2016.

It inspired many families to become educated and educate others on the truth about marijuana, and as a result, became an initiative of Parents Opposed to Pot, finally reaching fruition with the launching of this community.