Jennifer’s Messengers Car Kit Donation

Sounding the Alarm About Marijuana Driving Dangers

Please make a donation by filling out the form below to Jennifer’s Messengers, a project of Parents Opposed To Pot, and in return, you will receive this car kit as a reminder to drive sober and to bring awareness to marijuana driving dangers. Jennifer Messenger’s car kit is also an important way to honor and remember Jennifer and all the lives that have been lost to marijuana-impaired driving. You’ll receive 3 items in your car kit:

*Window Cling to display on your car window. It’s transparent so as not to impede your visual field.

*Cup Coaster that absorbs moisture and smells.

*Tumbler is durable and helps maintain temperature to keep drinks perfectly hot or cold. You choose pink/white or gray/black tumbler.

Who is Jennifer?

“My daughter Jennifer Corinne H. was vibrant, intelligent, and so driven to be a productive and meaningful member of our society. She was tall, had the most beautiful hair and the brightest smile, with green eyes to match. Jen played lacrosse so well and earned herself a college scholarship to a small school in Northern Ohio where she blossomed into an incredible woman.

She graduated with honors in May of 2012 with a degree in Intelligence and Analysis Research. She now spoke Spanish and Arabic fluently and could translate both languages, which in the world of today is critical in her field.

On a July night, a man came racing through the intersection at 82mph, speeding through the red light. He slammed into the side of my daughter’s car, sending it over the embankment and straight into the front wall of a Lube Stop building, collapsing it on Jennifer’s car.

Jennifer passed away at the scene from the severe injuries she sustained. The 26-year-old man who caused her death was not injured. He was high on “medical marijuana” given to him in his home state of Michigan. He was just passing through our state and decided he would break every law and kill my daughter.

I ask you to please make a donation of $75.00 by filling out the form below to honor my daughter, other people who have lost their lives to drugged-driving, and spread the message that it’s not safe to drive under the influence of marijuana.

I ask you to keep this car kit in your car or the car of someone you care about as a gentle reminder that driving impaired driving can end lives.

Corinne Gasper, Jennifer’s mother

Jennifer’s graduation picture
Corinne and Jennifer

It’s estimated that 6,800 more people will die on the roads each year if marijuana is legalized federally. We need your help to SAVE LIVES. Please fill out the form below with your donation and receive Jennifer’s Car Kit.

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  • Minimal Donation: $75.00
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To learn more about marijuana driving dangers, please visit Jennifer’s Messengers.