Every Brain Matters is a community of support and advocacy based on science and live experiences. Join us as we find freedom from marijuana and the drug culture expansion. 



Mar-Anon Family Group is a fellowship of those affected by another person’s marijuana use and is independent of Every Brain Matters.  To view, Mar-Anon meetings, go to: mar-anon.com/meetings/




Mar-Anon is a fellowship of those affected by another person’s marijuana use.  Its foundation is the Twelve Steps, adapted from Marijuana Anonymous, which can be a powerful, life-changing tool.  We come together to work the steps and offer hope, comfort, and support for other members.  We are not a religious group, instead, we use the steps as a path of self-discovery and personal change.

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Every Brain Matters Monthly Speakers Meeting- Nick S.

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My name is Nick, I am 18 years old.

This is me and my friend James (I’m in his arms) right before we graduated from Archway Academy, a recovery high school. I developed my substance use disorder at the age of 13 and my preferred drug of choice was amphetamines. I would often times mix marijuana with other substances which would cause serious mental side effects, further amplifying and progressing the underlying mental disorders that were already in place in my life. My substance use led to long nights of contemplating suicide and serious delusions fueled by paranoia. When I would use marijuana I would fall into a frenzy of anger and depression and I would feel like my life was hopeless and I was doomed to die before the age of 18. Through intense work on myself through a 12-step program, I have found a reason to be alive again and a serious understanding on how my solution to my mental struggles by using substances became the problem itself.

Join us on the first Friday of every month for messages of hope and healing from the impacts of marijuana. We welcome a different speaker every month who will share their experience and provide pathways to find serenity as we navigate through today’s pro-marijuana/drug culture. Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one or trying to recover yourself, this meeting is for you. You will be a Q & A at the end of each meeting. This meeting is appropriate for all family members ages 16 and up.

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Every Brain Matters Recovery Community is built on a foundation of love, willingness, and HONESTY. We seek to create a culture of healing.

The expansion of marijuana is negatively affecting people in many ways:  addiction, psychosis, suicide, homicide, DUIs, Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, and other incidents of injury or trauma resulting in harm or death, overdoses, and where marijuana was a gateway, companion, and/or relapse drug.

This meeting may be recorded with the presenters’ and the participants’ permission.