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Every Brain Matters Monthly Speakers Meeting – We Have Our Son Back From Cannabis Psychosis

Online Zoom Meeting

In this new era of industrialized cannabis, families need support and hope.

This month, we learned from Mom and Dad O.

We are 60-something parents who came of age during the 1970s when cannabis use was no big deal. When our son began to use cannabis in his late teens during his early college years, we weren’t particularly concerned. But then we witnessed our kind-hearted, bright, outgoing, athletic son begin to develop odd behaviors that ultimately escalated into full-blown psychosis. This was around 2017, and there was very little information or support available for families struggling with a loved one suffering from Cannabis-Induced Psychosis (CIP). Frankly, we weren’t really sure if his psychotic behavior was entirely from cannabis, another drug use, or some organic disorder.

Over the years, our son has been involuntarily hospitalized twice and admitted to multiple rehab facilities. Every facility claimed to have a means to treat CIP but really, they were at a loss as to what to do with him, especially the earlier ones. We witnessed our son spiral further and further into his delusional mindset. We mourned for him as we watched him turn into someone we didn’t recognize.

During this time, we became involved with a 12-step support group, Families Anonymous (FA). Our involvement with FA provided us with the tools and mindset to cope with this unpredictable emotional roller coaster. It also connected us with wonderful resources and even more wonderful people, many of whom are now dear friends. We still attend our meetings.

It has been two years since our son returned home from his last inpatient treatment program. At that time, he was the most clear-headed we had seen in years. His mental clarity has continued, and he is once again thoroughly engaged in society, our family, and his future.  He is on no medication. His clarity is from simply NOT USING CANNABIS. We have our son back.

This meeting will be recorded but not available to the public. The family will share this recording at their discretion for educational purposes and to maintain anonymity.

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