No Pot Shops

Up until the 1990s, the average THC (the psychoactive & addictive ingredient) potency of the plant was around 2-5%. Very few concentrates were available. Now, the THC potency has increased to up to 90%, or more, with a multitude of concentrates available.

Ultra-high-THC marijuana hurts young people

Ultra-high-THC marijuana hurts young people

Marijuana concentrates

How do these highly processed products harm our kids? The risks span from lower mental and physical potential, addiction, loss of IQ and memory, cannabis-induced psychosis, and other serious psychological harms like schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and suicide.  Youth from the South Bay would have easy access to high-THC drugs because of loopholes in the legal framework. This would endanger our youth and change the culture of our community forever.

Top 10 Reasons to Say No To Pot Shops

1. Marijuana impaired drivers are more likely to kill pedestrians and bicyclists than alcohol-impaired drivers.

2. Increased crime in neighborhoods

A 2019 study conducted in Denver found that the existence of both recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver neighborhoods are significantly and positively associated with increased crime. See the Data

3. Youth use more concentraced marijuana

4. Increaed number of people experieneicng homelessness

5. Dangerou sloophole allows 18- years old to easlul get medial card online.

6. Increase number of ER visits and hospitalizations due to cannabis

It’s hypocritical to say we care about health, including cancer prevention and teen mental health, while promoting cannabis use

The promised windfall of marijuana Taxes never reaches what’s promised and the marijuana black market continues to thrive despite legalization.

The ultra-high potency of today’s cannabis changes everything

Iliicit Market Growing