Thanksgiving Feast Cannabis Not Good To Eat

on’t end up ruining your Thanksgiving feast thinking cannabis is safe to eat

Snoop and Martha want to make money, but we need you to know that cannabis foods are not good for your tummy. They won’t pay for your medical bills or care if marijuana causes you a psychotic break or cyclic vomiting. 

Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party has become popular and promotes using cannabis in foods.

Cooking with cannabis isn’t easy, but Stewart and Snoop have shown that anyone can do it — and the results are, as Stewart says, “to die for.” Why not celebrate 4/20 this year with their brownie recipe?

Ever since Martha Stewart teamed up with Snoop Dogg and became America’s Cool Weed Grandma, people have wondered: When will the cooking show host take the next logical step and create a line of gourmet cannabis edibles? 

Now Martha Stewart has teamed up with a Canadian Marijuana company to sell products with CBD for pets and people. She proud to say these products won’t get you high but CBD can cause vomiting too, cannabinoid hyperemesiss syndrome and has not bee proven safe to give to pets

Don’t ruin your Thanksgiving feats 

Cannabis candies and foods all look alike People especially children don’t know the difference

Impaired parents and family members do not supervise children well. are not safe for children

A laidback stoner day can easily turn into refer madness with psychotic thoughts of paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations. And if children are around they have the increase risk of being neglected or abuse. We know from public recourds that marijuana is the #1 drug used by peturators in child deaths from abuse and negelct in Arizonia, Florida, and Texas. We don’t know what the data shows in other states because they don’t release this type of data to the public. 

Marijuana proponents promoted using cannabis butter to drug family on Thansgiving day. 

“Ingesting THC is very different than smoking, as it is converted to 11-Hydroxy-THC in the liver, which creates stronger and longer-lasting effects,” Catalano says. “It also has a delayed onset, which means it can take as long as two hours or more to kick in depending on body chemistry, height, weight, how much you ate, and how healthy your liver is.” She always recommends starting at the lowest dosage for first-time adult users, slowly going up from there. “A great starting point range is 2mg-10mg, with 2.5mg being a great first-time dose for novices.”

Some important points to keep in mind when planning a cannabis-infused, adults-only Thanksgiving meal

“One big thing to keep in mind is to cater to your guests so that no one is being over or under medicated,” Catalano notes. “I would recommend infusing one item, such as a 10mg dessert, if you wanted to lightly medicate your dinner party. And increase the [number of] medicated side dishes to a few or several for parties looking for a more infused experience.” What the cannabis chef would not recommend, however, is infusing every dish at the table, as it could cause adult guests to consume too much. “Also, be mindful of serving alcohol to people consuming cannabis (known as cross-fading), as it can be a very overwhelming experience for most people,” she says.

If the thought of large family gatherings stresses you out, this unusual Thanksgiving turkey recipe is one that’s sure to mellow everything out. The recipe comes from Angel Teger, a cannabis activist and owner of Ruby Doobie, a supplier of cannabis-infused edibles to California Medical Marijuana dispensaries.