Today’s world is embracing more marijuana use while families like ours pay a heavy price. 

We acknowledge that the general public and many support groups don’t understand the true and devastating impacts of marijuana.  So many times it’s hard for us to share honestly how today’s more potent, more dangerous marijuana has affected our lives and families as we are not taken seriously in the addiction community.  So we respectfully invite you to an online group, Every Brain Matters Support/Recovery Group, a community of supporters who understand and encourage healing and growth in response to marijuana use and addiction.

We recognize the need for this type of support for those harmed by marijuana who are seeking community, healing, and recovery. This includes people who have an addiction to marijuana and who are in recovery, their families, and the families/friends of people who’ve been harmed or lost their lives as a direct or indirect result of marijuana use.  Marijuana harms include, but are not limited to, addiction, psychosis, suicide, other mental illnesses, homicide, violent crimes, DUI’s, and other incidents of injury or trauma resulting in harms or death, overdoses, where marijuana was the only drug, or a gateway, companion, and/or relapse drug. 

This group will not discuss policies, politics, specific religious beliefs, or ask for donations or tasks. We encourage members to embrace their faith while being cognizant of others who do not have the same view.  We are not a replacement for any program or meeting, but a supplement, and we encourage everyone either to continue to work their current recovery program or find one to join as soon as possible.  We are not equipped to give medical advice, but participants will have the opportunity to share resources and techniques that have helped them.  We understand there are different pathways to recovery but recommend a 12 step program, recovery community, faith-based recovery, or another pathway of sustainable recovery. 

If you are looking for an Advocate group to educate about the harms of marijuana and influence change or policies, please let us know.  We have formed another group to meet this need too, called Every Brain Matters Advocacy Group.

We respect confidentiality, the feelings, and privacy of those attending our meeting.

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