My Son Died From Marijuana Intoxication

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My heart stopped that night, 3/27/2019 at 10:45 pm, when I looked down from the Joppa road bridge and saw my son’s body! I remember screaming to him, “Mommy is here”! The police officer who was doing compressions, then stopped and looked up at me.  Our eyes met for a moment; it was like a dream. Everything slowed down. This was a nightmare I could not wake up from! I believe my son died from marijuana intoxication. He got the drugs from the co-workers. Some of them had “Medical Marijuana Cards” and they were illegally selling it at work. Those so-called friends are still living and working at the same place, and other places in our town.

Medical marijuana can be high-potency THC and it’s highly addictive despite what the industry claims.

My son was an intelligent, articulate, comical young man, and he loved babies and pets. He loved to read, was a big Star Wars fan, enjoyed creating Lego Star Wars masterpieces, cooking, and loved everyone. He especially loved being with family and friends. He always worked hard to please everyone and paid close attention to details. He always knew what gift anyone in the family would like most. His favorite holiday was Christmas, his favorite color was green, and he loved to just relax at home playing board games and poker! He told me once that he wanted to become a Certified Management Accountant, get married and have 4 children. He got along with everyone, even those who bullied and harassed him for his weight or ethnicity.

My son’s toxicology report showed both Delta 9 and Delta 11 THC in his system at the time of death, an amount equal to high intoxication. He was dabbing marijuana and had some edibles prior to driving home. He crashed into a tree, after approximately 20 minutes he emerged from his car and walked onto I-95 where he was hit and instantly killed by 2 cars. One of the witnesses reported that he looked confused and was acting strangely.  He may have been in a state of marijuana-induced psychosis when he crashed his car and walked onto I-95.  

My son had absolutely no history of psychological issues before the dreadful night.

Every time I smell the disgusting stench of marijuana it literally transports me back to the bridge and this scene plays over and over in my mind. Time has helped. but nothing on this earth will help me more than protecting another innocent child/teen/ human being from this evil drug. Knowledge is power.  Please urge your politicians, medical providers, and anyone who will listen to you to say no to POT!

Please take the time to learn about marijuana, please share it!    Today’s drug is lethal!

From a loving mother

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