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By Joe Tilton

April 25, 2019

What a sobering day! The National Rx Summit in Atlanta began with presentations setting the mood and tone for a series of facts, even in day one presentations, reporting a full-blown invasion of the United States.

We remember how the nation reacted to the attack on New York City where almost 3,000 died, but the death toll from use of illegal drugs, that we know of, because more are expected, is 70,237 in 2017. What kind of military action would take place if we lost the same number from an attack? It’s that kind of sobering information that has participants in this summit wondering what the rest of the week will disclose.

The call is not just to educate the nation on drugs like cocaine and marijuana, but do something about it. And in the middle of the call to action, high officials in the federal government have been bragging about their actions while not impressing the attendees at all.

We heard about violent and ruthless cartels using coastal waters to attack by drugs that’s costing so many lies. The Coast Guard’s top soldier told the crowd they confiscated 233 metric tons of illegal drugs while admitting they catch an estimated 20-percent of the actual traffic. Marijuana merchants shouldn’t feel so smug because pot is coming in on those ships.

Then, we heard, “The Opioid crisis is the public health crisis of our time.” Yet another crazy fact is the use of methamphetamine is slightly declining while marijuana is taking its place. Some trade!

A highly anticipated meeting is organized for parents who have lost children to marijuana. Discussion among these parents has brought another startling fact to light. We now know that 80.7-percent of cases involving hard drugs include marijuana, meaning pot users continue while using the stuff that kills quickly.

We’ve learned what officials call “bad fentanyl,” the kind that kills, usually on the first dose, is coming from China. What doesn’t come directly from China is shipped to Mexico and Canada to be repackaged with the same destination – us.

With law enforcement crackdown on meth labs, Mexico is ramping up production with wide-open and huge commercial labs. Shipments of the deadly, mind-frying substance, is coming across the border.

This first day we’ve learned how the drug trade uses the dark web (Internet) for trade, and how the U.S. Postal Service is used for delivery.

If there’s a bright side, we learned that cocaine seizures doubled in 2010 and are increasing. Michigan’s meth-lab count increased from 438 to 524, and our state was held up as somewhat of a success story.

We heard from the key strategist for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who told us in an interview, that warnings about “drug combinations” involving alcohol and THC was a local issue. Get ready, local dealers, you may have to post warning signs if local governments have anything to do with it.

A presentation by Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers, described how the efforts eight years ago have matured into this important drug summit. Over 4,000 people are here who represent all aspects of illegal drug use, from law enforcement to medical to recovery efforts for people who overdose.

Next week’s edition will have more stories about this amazing invasion and attack on our citizens that cripples our defenses and work force. Be watching.

Originally Published in Lakeview Area News, Lakeview Michigan

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