Major Deception Upon Us

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By Joe Tilton

April, 4, 2019

In an age when advancements in medical treatment are the greatest in history, a mislabeling (lie) is causing us to revert back to the elixir (a magical or medicinal potion) days; what you purchased at the local drug store in 1900 that made you forget your ailment. We know the old remedies cured nothing. Are we going back to elixir days because legitimate medical care is too expensive for the average citizen? Or, is the lie convenient to cause us to be return customers until we die?

The term “medical” as it has been applied to marihuana is completely false, and falls into the “elixir” category—with very sinister side effects; permanent brain damage, depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, aggression, loss of memory, anxiety and psychotic breaks. Forgetting your ailment is denying you have one. Outside of “medical” marihuana, we know we don’t change until we admit we have a problem. But pushers try to make us believe we have no problems.

The pot “industry” is being allowed to gain a strangle hold on society, producing a growing disaster. For example, a Michigan company, Cann10 North America, produces seminars all over the nation to teach dealers how to spread the brain-destructive “medicine” to more people. One of their seminar topics is, “Stand out-Sell more.” This is about branding THC in such a way that customers believe healing myths of marihuana.

Other seminar titles include: Pharmacognosy in Creation of Edible Cannabis Medicine. Security Planning for Medical Provisioning Centers from On-Demand services to 24/7 is another. Is it an emergency when a stoner can’t get high as quickly as desired? You get the picture; make it as professional sounding as possible.

Who in our society has the audacity to benefit from an addicted person’s misery? Let’s call them LEECHES. These are the dirtiest. Human leeches will go out of their way to get as much from you as possible. An addict’s defenses are always down, leaving them open to whatever the leech wants to take from them. They use the user’s addiction against the addict. They promise a cure (medicine) and if that don’t work, the name is changed to “recreation.” The worst thing about it is the addicted person may not initially realize they are being hurt (financially, physically and emotionally) because attention is on other things going on in the addict’s life.

Do we add governments to the list of leeches? The promise of huge tax dollars is a come-on to entice legalization of something known to cause degradation of society. When you do the math, anticipated tax revenue from marihuana sales in Michigan is enough to repair two miles of highway. Is it worth one death from drugged driving?

Consider how the pot industry is a perfect example of a parasite (like cancer), which is an organism that lives in or on its host and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense. Since 2012, when Colorado legalized pot, examples of parasitic activities began. Grow facilities refused to pay property taxes and Mexican and Chinese mafia showed up. The black market was strengthened from stoners not wanting to a pay tax on pot. All those things happened when 75-percent of Colorado’s counties opted OUT of allowing the weed industry in their midst.

What are we doing, Michigan? When will we stop allowing leeches and parasites in our midst? Stop believing their lies.

Originally Published in Lakeview Area News, Lakeview Michigan

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