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By Joe Tilton

November 14,2019

Obviously, what effect marijuana (cannabis) has on the human brain and body is a serious concern, as evidenced by deaths. Since cannabis is not a benign drug, with results such as delusion, depression, addiction, psychosis, schizophrenia, hallucinations and aggression, it makes sense to warn potential users of the dangers. And then last week news and study results show another side of the cannabis issue; farming nightmares and intended deaths. Here’s what research has revealed.

California farmers who tolerate or love cannabis are selling their farms to the pot industry. They’ve sold out for huge amounts of money and some planted crops of hemp and marijuana. Several interesting things followed. Farm workers are now unemployed, particularly those who refuse to work for pot barons. Smell coming from these pot farms is horrendous, causing headaches, severe allergies and major problems in Oregon with wineries. People are avoiding wine tasting events because the air is so foul. California’s avocado, artichoke and strawberry farmers are furious with hemp/marijuana growers because of the chemicals they use on the plants. Communities severely affected include Santa Cruz and Monterey. Anticipated law suits may be coming to our courts and higher prices to grocery stores over these unadvertised reasons.

Recent articles in magazines advise Michigan farmers to grow hemp, claiming they could make much more money from hemp/marijuana. But, will they experience frustrations or legal actions like those felt in California? Legitimate warnings have not been shared. Additionally, production per acre is a fraction of rumored returns.

Cannabis is being blamed as an “introductory” drug. THC gets you high while causing delusion strong enough to believe the lie how “it never killed anybody.” When the “high” is not as strong as first-time use, many have gone on to fentanyl since there’s not enough dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins naturally made by your body to replicate the “high” of first-time use. But, it’s fentanyl that’s killing 100 people daily in the U.S. Potency is such that one pound will kill 227,273 of us. This fact has had international repercussions.

 One previously unannounced reason for President Trump’s trade war with China is the flow of fentanyl into our nation. As a result of the President’s pressure on China, nine fentanyl producers have been jailed. Trump was furious with China over government interaction with fentanyl producers and threatened to cut off trade if they didn’t stop supplies fuelling our opioid crisis. (Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid.) The result was a joint probe and raids, which produced 11.9kg of the substance. Let’s put that in perspective; 26.23501-pounds of fentanyl is enough to kill 5,962,509 of our citizens. Compare that number to the total number of deaths in every war, conflict and military action in our history, including the Revolutionary War, which is 2,852,901.

China is serious about avoiding a trade war, so they cooperated with Trump through Austin Moore, an attache for the U.S. Homeland Security Department. Of the nine people arrested in Hebei, China and jailed, one was given the death sentence and four are in prison for life.

Following the raid and arrests, trade negotiations with Beijing reengaged. The raids came after a year of bruising negotiations. It was fentanyl that had stopped negotiations; obviously for our public health and safety. The other issue goes back to cannabis and why China is growing huge quantities for the U.S. market. Marijuana is the introductory drug that hooks our citizens on the product to kill us. This is why it’s startling how 37- percent of 12th graders, 14- percent of 10th graders and nine-percent of 8th graders are vaping. High-potency THC is the most popular vaping product causing the majority of vaping fatalities.

Without fentanyl, just THC, 38 vaping deaths have been realized with 2,100 severe lung conditions reported, as of last Friday.

Consider how CBD with high levels of THC will also accomplish China’s goal of welcoming weed users to fentanyl. They need not fire a single shot; just drug us to death.

If it’s bias to report this, so be it. You won’t get this information from the pot industry. Now, we need to convince our President to take on cannabis like fentanyl by enforcing existing Federal Law.

Next week an article will show how Amish farmers are being fooled into growing hemp by withholding critical information.

Originally Published in Lakeview Area News, Lakeview Michigan

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