THC Led To Schizophrenia and a Suicide Attempt

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Before using THC, my son had no medical or mental health issues. He was an honors student, athlete, and community volunteer throughout high school.

During his junior year of high school, he started using high-potency THC. Over the next few years, his mental health steadily declined– from irritability to social withdrawal to strange beliefs and fears– until he was eventually hospitalized and diagnosed with schizophrenia.

With medication and by stopping his THC use, we had started to get my son’s symptoms under control. His mind was clearing, and he was becoming more himself every day. He had come back to us! Then one evening, he got his hands on a THC vape pen. Within an hour of using it, he entered a deep psychosis, terrified that devils were after his soul. He attempted suicide by jumping off a bridge– believing it was the only way to save his soul from the devils. He spent two weeks in the hospital recovering and has had multiple surgeries to rebuild his face, jaw, and teeth.

Today my son is THC-free and has no symptoms of psychosis. He works full-time and attends college part-time. He attends Marijuana Anonymous weekly because he still has urges to use despite the drastic consequences of his use.

Before this happened to my family, I had no idea about high-potency THC or the connection between THC and mental illness. I believe that had I known then what I know today; my son would not have schizophrenia. My greatest desire is to educate others so I can help save other families from the suffering we have endured.

W. S., Chicago, IL.

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