This is not about a War on Drugs. This is about a Defense of our Brains, the repository of our humanity.

– Dr. Bertha Madras –

Our Mission

Every Brain Matters is a community and a unifying alliance of organizations and individuals that educate about the dangers of marijuana and the drug culture expansion.

We work together to bring about a cultural movement through advocacy, support/recovery, science, visual public awareness by encouraging the use of the EBM merchandise, and by promoting optimal brain and environmental health.

Why does every brain matter?

“The causal link between marijuana use and the development of psychosis is quite simply the most well-replicated, high-impact finding in schizophrenia research today. Given current use rates and the strong potency of the drug available, it stands to be responsible for a larger proportion of schizophrenia cases than any other established factor. Who may be at risk cannot be reliably predicted. The time is long overdue for the surgeon general and American neuroscientists and psychiatrists, along with their universities and professional societies, to inform the public and for journalists to pay heed.”

– Dr. Christine Miller

How do drugs affect our environment?

There’s a Silent Poison affecting our environment, and it’s called marijuana.

Drugs are negatively impacting our environment, especially with the expansion of marijuana growing sites. Every Brain requires a healthy environment to thrive. Marijuana not only is poisoning our brains, but it is also poisoning our waters, soil and forests, and animals, and using up valuable natural resources.


The effects of marijuana and other drugs are real and increasing. We need to be Vocal and Visible, because we’re Valuable. (Sue Thau, CADCA) We invite you to learn more and share your testimony.

All proceeds support drug prevention because Every Brain Matters. Visit our store.

Latest Drug Trends

Provide drug education programs to encourage new behaviors that result in drug-free lifestyles.

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