This is not about a War on Drugs. This is about a Defense of our Brains, the repository of our humanity.

– Dr. Bertha Madras –

Our Mission

Every Brain Matters is a family community of support and advocacy, based on science and live experience.  Join us, as we call for a cultural change by encouraging the use of our logo that unites us and symbolizes both “freedom from marijuana and the drug culture expansion” and promotes optimal brain and environmental health.

The public has been deceived and misled regarding marijuana products and their effects, which has led to a public health crisis. No matter what decisions are made or how much the drug culture expands, we will “Keep On Keepin On”, because we wholeheartedly know that Every Brain Matters.

Every Brain Matters Advocacy

Finding Freedom From Marijuana and the Drug Culture Expansion

The Every Brain Matters Advocacy Group has been created for those who want to advocate against the full-scale legalization of marijuana and other drugs, and for strict regulation and preventative measures in areas where this drug is already legal.

Every Brain Matters is proud to be a project of the Parent Action Network.

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THC: The Human Consequences

We oppose the federal legalization of marijuana, the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act. Some elected officials say legalized states regulate THC safely, but emergency room visits due to marijuana have risen sharply. Doctors say today’s high potency THC is a public health failure. Do you know the risks? You should.

Emergency Room Data: When compared with people who did not use marijuana, cannabis users were 22% more likely to visit an emergency department or be hospitalized, the study revealed.

Watch the video below and learn more here.

Every Brain Matters Articles

Articles About Hemp Products

Recovery Resources For Families

We acknowledge that the general public and many support groups don’t understand the true and devastating impacts of marijuana.  So many times, it’s hard for us to share honestly how today’s more potent, more dangerous, more accessible marijuana products have affected our lives and families as we are not taken seriously in the addiction community.  So we respectfully invite you to an online group, Every Brain Matters Support Group, a community of families and professionals who understand and encourage healing and growth in response to marijuana and drug culture expansion.

All proceeds support drug prevention because Every Brain Matters. Visit our store.

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Every Brain Matters Science

Why does every brain matter?

“The causal link between marijuana use and the development of psychosis is quite simply the most well-replicated, high-impact finding in schizophrenia research today. Given current use rates and the strong potency of the drug available, it stands to be responsible for a larger proportion of schizophrenia cases than any other established factor. Who may be at risk cannot be reliably predicted. The time is long overdue for the surgeon general and American neuroscientists and psychiatrists, along with their universities and professional societies, to inform the public and for journalists to pay heed.”

– Dr. Christine Miller

How do drugs affect our environment?

There’s a Silent Poison affecting our environment, and it’s called marijuana.

Drugs are negatively impacting our environment, especially with the expansion of marijuana growing sites. Every Brain requires a healthy environment to thrive. Marijuana not only is poisoning our brains, but it is also poisoning our waters, soil and forests, and animals, and using up valuable natural resources.


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