It’s Just Pot? What’s The Problem?

The Every Brain Matters community educates about the health and environmental dangers of marijuana and the drug culture expansion by providing support for families and advocacy based on lived experiences and science.

The public is being deceived regarding industrialized marijuana products and their effects, like cannabis use disorder, cannabis-induced psychosis, and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, which has led to a public health crisis. No matter how much the drug culture expands, we will “Keep On Keepin On” because we wholeheartedly know that Every Brain Matters.

The Voices of Truth

The effects of marijuana are dangerous and increasing.

The Every Brain Matters Community consists of the following:


Today’s world is embracing more marijuana use while families pay a heavy price.

We provide support meetings, resources, and solutions for these families.


Families are Finding Freedom From Marijuana and the Drug Culture Expansion.

Every Brain Matters is proud to partner with the Parent Action Network.

Printable Pamphlets

Articles Based On Science

All proceeds support drug prevention because Every Brain Matters. Visit our store.

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