Education for Parents

Attention parents!! These are must-watch video from Jermaine Galloway.

Tall Cop

You can’t stop what you you don’t know.

Boozing Doping Clothing and Stash

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Parents 2.0 Movement!

Parenting just got a lot harder with legal marijuana.

Take the learn, take the pledge, then share the message, be part of the movement!

Part 1: Physiological Effects

Part 2: MJ Forms & Potencies

Part 3: Parenting Strategies & 21 Century AO

One Chane to Grow Up

Together, we can protect American’s Kids from today’s marijuana.

Partnership to End Addiction

Catching It Early

Not sure how to prevent drug or alcohol use? Or what to do if you suspect or have discovered substance use? We have the science- and research-backed information to help you help your child.

Educational Toolkit for A NIGHT IN JAIL

Written by Heidi A. Swan and Dr. Christine L. Miller

Because these risks are most pronounced for youth, it is crucial parents, educators and
especially, teenagers, understand the science.

…”With A Night In Jail and this Toolkit, we want to help make it common knowledge that
marijuana use, especially teen use, raises the risk for a suite of mental illnesses…some of
which may never go away.
To protect the brains of our youth, let’s spread this information far and wide.

-Heidi A. Swan


Warning Signs of Child Drug Use

Here are some things to look out for that may be indicators that your child or teen is using
marijuana. None of these in and of themselves necessarily mean that there is use, but if you
can check off several of these, you may want to talk to your child and/or seek professional help.
● Intense mood
● Sullen, withdrawn,
● Loss of inhibitions
● Loss of or
increased appetite
● Excessive weight
● Hostile, angry,
● Avoids eye contact
● Clumsy
● Cash flow
● Relationship
● Oversleeping
● Endless excuses
● Vomiting
● Slurred speech
● Loss of interest in
school and
● Poor hygiene
● Deceitful
● Secretive
● Paranoia
● Self-harm
● Suicidal ideations
● Irrational
● Takes many long,
hot showers at odd
● Many lighters
hidden around
house and in
● Rolling papers and
● House/room smells
like Jolly Ranchers
If you feel like your child may have a problem, contact Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
(, text 55753) or a counselor as soon as possible. If they are experiencing
suicidal ideations or self-harming, get immediate help through your local doctor or
emergency room. Today’s high-potency marijuana has been linked to teen suicide.
Learn more at PopPot.or

Santa Clarita Sheriff, Hidden in Plain Sight Video”

As a follow-up to the City of Santa Clarita’s successful Immature Teen Brain on Pot symposium held in August of 2015, the City held Marijuana: Hidden in Plain Sight on Wednesday, March 9, 2016. For more information on the Marijuana: Hidden in Plain Sight discussion or the entire Heroin Kills series, contact the City’s Community Services Office at (661) 250-3708. Additional information can be found by visiting or the Heroin Kills Facebook page at LESS

Every Brain Matters Advocacy Group is developing a Drivers Ed Toolkit

If you’d like to be part of the EBM’s advocacy group please contact us.