Always Loved, Always Remembered, Never Forgotten


Shane Robinson

October 4, 1986 to January 13, 2012

Lori Robison founded Moms Strong after the death of her beautiful son, Shane Robinson.

Shane was a handsome 6’4″ young man and always seemed larger than life with his big heart, infectious smile, and zest for life.. He excelled at sports, especially water sports.

Shane suffered two psychotic breaks from marijuana use. After the psychosis abated, he died by suicide 7 months later.

Andy Zorn

October 15, 1982 to March 1, 2014

This is the story of my son Andy Zorn…Andy was born in 1982 and had a joyful life easily making and keeping friends. It was his mission to make friends and family laugh and have a good time and he was GOOD at it. He was class clown. He made parties come alive. When he grew older he helped good friends with their mental health and substance abuse issues. But it all began to get harder for him to do as he became a teen and thought he had to participate in drinking and drugs to fit in. He was good at hiding the extent to which he indulged in these activities and surprised everyone with his statements in a suicide note: “My soul is already dead. Marijuana killed my soul + ruined my brain.”

David Childs

College Station, Texas

04/14/1999 to 12/05/2018

Our middle child of 5, David was the most beautiful boy, inside and out, before weed. He loved his family. He loved Jesus. He loved everyone.
He had ADD. A friend told him pot was “fun and legal in most states”. David tried it and he liked it. He changed almost instantly. We had 5 rebellious years. We had him in weekly counseling. I took him to talk with our pastor, and I took him to several psychiatrists. He would not take antidepressants. He believed only pot helped his depression.

Marijuana causes depression and psychosis that caused him to take his life 12-05-2018.

Kevin Bright

February 10, 1989 to August 14, 2018

Our son Kevin was 15 when he started abusing marijuana.  He was very good at hiding his use until he came to us and said he was depressed and needed help. We spoke with an educational consultant; they evaluated Kevin and recommended a therapeutic wilderness program. This was the beginning of many years of therapy and other programs Kevin participated in. From age 15 to 29, Kevin’s drug of choice was marijuana. During that time period he had many psychotic breaks, 51/50’s (Editors note: 5150 refers to the California law code for the temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs of mental illness) and at least three suicide attempts.

Over the years he used marijuana with higher and higher amounts of THC. About two years before he took his life he said, “Cannabis has ruined my life.” We love and miss Kevin very much, everyday. One way we are trying to honor Kevin’s life is by telling his story and educating other parents and young people about the great harm that most of today’s marijuana with high THC, does to the developing brain. 

(Fact: One of the periods of rapid growth for the human brain is ages 12 to 25. This is a crucial period that determines the structure and future functioning of the adult brain.)

Bart and Hazel Bright, California

Kevin Bright

Aaron Reddy

July 25, 2000 to March 27, 2019

My heart stopped that night, 3/27/2019 at 10:45 pm, when I looked down from the Joppa road bridge and saw son’s body! I remember screaming to him, “Mommy is here”! The police officer who was doing compressions, stopped, and looked up at me.  Our eyes met for a moment; it was like a dream. Everything slowed down. This was a nightmare I could not wake up from!

My son was an intelligent, articulate, comical young man, and he loved babies and pets. He loved to read, was a big Star Wars fan, enjoyed creating Lego Star Wars masterpieces, cooking, and loved everyone. He especially loved being with family and friends. He always worked hard to please everyone and paid close attention to details. He always knew what gift anyone in the family would like most. His favorite holiday was Christmas, his favorite color was green, and he loved to just relax at home playing board games and poker! He told me once that he wanted to become a Certified Management Accountant, get married and have 4 children. He got along with everyone, even those who bullied and harassed him for his weight or ethnicity.

Aaron Reddy July 25,2000 to March 27,2019

Charles Aubrey Rogers

April 26, 1995 to June 5, 2015

Charles was complex, adorable, frustrating, hilarious, effervescent, electric, charming, and eccentric. From the time he came into the world to the time he left, his presence was all-consuming. He pushed boundaries past comfortable, questioned everything, and was relentless and persistent when he wanted something. When Charles waltzed in, the fun had arrived–faces brightened, bodies turned toward him like he brought the sunshine in his pocket and he was there to hand it out. The life of the party, the center of the universe took his own life and in its place is an ocean-sized crater. He was one of those bigger-than-life personalities who exceeded his allotment of space on earth despite his six foot two and 130-pound frame.

If there was one consistent theme about Charles, it was that he always reached out. He reached out to kids who were not always visible to others and to ones who were highly visible as well. He put himself at risk socially doing this. But unlike other kids his age, he didn’t care.

He’d stand up for other kids who had no friends at all or had tons of friends, kids who felt isolated or depressed or were having a hard time with something in their lives. He reached out to kids who were unusual, unpopular, different, and those who were popular and hiding their pain.

Even in the latter five years of his life as he struggled with mental illness (anxiety and depression), substance misuse, then addiction, our family was in chaos. He left behind music lyrics that revealed the ‘why’ behind his suicide and a selection of those are included in the book, Diary of a Broken Mind: A Mother’s Story, a Son’s Suicide and the Haunting Lyrics he Left Behind. After his death, his mother started a blog called and became the emotionally naked speaker to talk about substance misuse, mental illness, suicide prevention, and grief

Marijuana was the “medicine” for anxiety. My son felt he had found the answer to his problems and started using daily to manage anxiety, depression, and his sleep problems which quickly graduated to harder drugs and an outright obsession with substances. There are indications from conversations with his brother and instances in his music that suggest periods of psychosis but there was never a formal diagnosis of such.

4.26.1995 to 6.05.2015

Johnny Stack

February 7, 2020 to November 20, .2019

Johnny Stack was born on February 7, 2000, and died by suicide on November 20, 2019, at the age of 19. He was an incredibly intelligent, funny, charming, handsome young man, which you can see in his tribute video at We are a regular suburban family that did regular family things. He had a happy life, a 4.0 GPA with a scholarship to college, and a family who loved him very much.

Unfortunately, we live in Colorado, which was the first state to legalize marijuana in 2012, when Johnny was 12 years old, and marijuana came to the schools in 2014 when sales began. He first tried marijuana at a high school party, because his friend’s brother was 18 and had a medical marijuana card.

Three days before he passed, he came over for dinner. He lived in our condo a couple miles down the street and would often pop in for a home-cooked meal. “I need to tell you that you were right,” he says me. “Right about what?” I ask. “Right about the marijuana. You told me weed would hurt my brain, and it’s ruined my mind and my life. You were right all along. I’m sorry, and I love you.” He died by suicide three days later.

After he died, we read in his journals he thought the mob was after him, the university was an FBI base, and the whole world knew everything about him. He wasn’t depressed, neglected, drugged, or unloved. He was psychotic, paranoid, and delusional, and he killed himself in a psychotic incident fleeing these imaginary foes.

Johnny Stack 2.07.2021 to 11.20.2019

Jolo (Angelo Jose Lorenzo) Alonzo-Talay

4.12.1996 to 9.20.2018

Jolo immigrated to the USA from the Philippines in 2014 at age 18. He attended a prestigious Catholic private school, his analytical mind excelled at Math and English.  Though he lost his father when he was 8 years old, Jolo’s grandfather played an important role in his life.

In 2016, when the Prop 64, recreational marijuana, was approved in California, Jolo and his friends starting using marijuana. Jolo graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Business with a 3.6 general average, while working 20 hours a week. During this time, he loved to go to the beach, and play soccer and basketball.

He moved to Long Beach and started his university life attending California State University in Long Beach. His first semester was great, and he was even accepted as an accounting intern.  His marijuana use increased and quickly progressed to a disorder.

His first psychotic episode occurred on April 23, 2018 while attending the Coachella Festival. On April 25, the university police brought him to the psychiatric facility for an involuntary hospitalization, or 5150. He stayed in the hospital for 72 hours. He called me to see him on May 1st. He just wanted my company. We hung out at San Pedro cliff, and he asked me to take a video of him walking by the cliff. He also asked someone to take a picture of us together. That is my best moment with my son.  Another 5150 occurred on May 22, June 21, and July 26. He was not admitted in any rehab, as marijuana use is not considered by insurances. I was taking care of him at this time, and he stayed with me in Riverside county.

Jolo didn’t have any flare ups so I allowed him to go back to his dorm for the fall semester of 2018, only for him to die after a month. He called me every night for 2 weeks about his anxiety symptoms. On September 19, 2018, I suspected that he had swung by a Cannabis store to buy marijuana because he thought it would calm him down. That night his psychotic symptoms flared up. No student, including the dorm supervisor, could pacify him. They decided to call the university police. He was brought to a psychiatric facility, but due to the lack of supervision he was able to sneak out. He walked outside and kept walking until he decided to take his own life by jumping on the main road with a car fast approaching. He was brought to the hospital but died from his injuries.

My only son had the sweetest smile, perfect teeth, beautiful soft eyes, and huggable stocky build. The pain for me is still the same as the day he died. 

Joshua Jimenez 6.27.1999 to 12.23.2021

Joshua Jimenez

June 27, 1999, to December 23, 2021

On December 23, 2021, my son, Josh took his own life by jumping in front of a train in Pecos, Tx. After dabbing marijuana the full month of December, he decided to pack his suitcase, call an Uber and leave. Later that evening he took a selfie of himself at the airport and posted it to Twitter. We knew where he was headed…Los Angeles. Each time he’s in psychosis, his voices tell him to go to LA. This time he said, “God sent him there [LA] to save the people”.

The first night in LA he stayed at a Hostel. The second day he had no money. I was so angry at him. I thought this would be a good time to hit his rock bottom, by not sending him money. That idea didn’t last long. After praying for his safety, I knew I had to bring him home quickly. Tough love doesn’t work for someone in psychosis. If he lost his phone or something happen to him it would be impossible to find him in LA.

We live in Houston. He went from grandiose delusions, sounding arrogant to later sounding confused why “God sent him there”. The God he referred to was not Jesus. When he was in psychosis he denies Jesus, and speaks of Greek, Egyptian, or Mayan Gods… Demons. We finally got him on a bus two days later.

I stayed in contact with him, telling him I loved him and just wanted him home safe. He got off the bus in Pecos, Tx, and had a plan to jump in front of a bus. He dropped his phone and it shattered. He called me from an unknown number, which belonged to be a pediatrician/cardiologist who was on his day off from a refugee camp in Pecos. This amazing doctor called an ambulance to put Josh on a mental health hold after observing and talking with him. Josh told the pediatrician he wanted to jump in front of a train. Paramedics and police show up… Josh showed no confusion and answered every question correctly according to them. He managed to fool 2 officers and a paramedic. So they let him go. Shortly after, he followed through with his Plan. We are still waiting on the investigation, autopsy, and police report.

Brian Fuller 2.10.2002 to 10.15.2021

Brian Fuller

February 10, 2002 to October 15, 2021

Brian was a sweet loving young man that loved his sisters and brothers along with his niece. He loved to make others smile and laugh he was always telling jokes. Brian was always willing to help others.

I wish I could go back and change my mindset. My son, Brian Fuller, committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound on October 15th, 2021.

When investigating into what could have caused my sweet boy to go to this extreme, I was shocked to uncover that Brian had been smoking Delta-8 THC carts along with high amounts of Delta-9 marijuana.

Brian was always a fun-loving kid, and he worked hard at the young age of 19. He loved his family dearly and especially his sisters and niece. But due to me traveling for work, I was always away and did not realize how badly Brian’s mental status was changing due to the marijuana and Delta-8 carts (slang term for cartilages). My daughter had voiced concerns, but none that alerted me to think that Brian was at risk of harming himself or others.

Brian stated to a manager at his job that he was losing track of time and he was having blackouts he also stated that he had a firearm and was suicidal. This was never reported to his emergency contact or to the police. Brian spoke to his manager two days before he took his own life.

I spoke to Brian the night before. He stated that he had met with a girl from work who we found out later was his drug dealer. Brian also had written a note saying he was hearing voices telling him it was ok to kill himself and not to be afraid.

Brian had childhood depression and bipolar disorder from a young age. He never complained of hearing voices and had never been diagnosed with schizophrenia. In my research, I found that one of the side effects of Delta-8 THC was hallucinations along with psychosis, loss of time, and even blackouts. I’m here to tell Brian’s story and raise awareness that it isn’t just Delta-9 marijuana it can harm your child.  Delta-8 can as well: it did my son

Deputy Jeffery Trevillyan 12.01.2002 to 4.030.2019

Deputy Jeffrey Trevillyan

December 1, 1956, to April 30, 2019

Jeff was a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy. He served the citizens with distinction and honor for thirty years of his life. When he retired he was left with numerous injuries that occurred in the line of duty. His retirement was one of intense and on-going pain.

Jeff wanted to get off opioids and was convinced by marijuana potreprenuers to try high potency THC. He became addicted immediately and was using dabs regularly. Jeff lost his sense of reality after about six months of THC heavy usage and began to exhibit cannabis-induced psychosis, paranoia, and anger towards family members. He was hospitalized but upon release and reuse eventually committed suicide in a horrific method by cutting his own throat. Jeff was my trainee and partner. Many people, myself included failed to recognize the deaths of his psychosis until it was too late. If the strongest among us can succumb to this drug anyone can.

Joey Deeds Dailidas 8.3.1992 to 9.19.2016

Joseph “Joey” Deeds Dailidas

August 3, 1992, to September 19, 2016

My beautiful boy won’t ever grow into the man he was becoming. He won’t ever be the chef he aspired to be. He won’t ever be a husband or a daddy. My grandsons will never know their funny, smart, loyal, and special Uncle Joey. Our lives are forever changed without him. This didn’t have to end as it did. He deserved so, so much better.

Randy Michael Bacchus III
11/09/1999 – 07/17/2021

Randy Michael Bacchus III

November 09, 1999 to July 7, 2021

Randy Michael was a humorous, adventurous, kind-hearted, compassionate, intelligent, creative, and handsome young man. He loved skiing, working out, and the mountains and wanted to be successful, get married, and have his own family. He started using marijuana when he was 15 years old and thought it helped him with his ADHD. He was a big proponent of marijuana, but even though he thought it was helping him, it actually robbed him of his life. He suffered from a severe cannabis use disorder, and then exhibited anxiety, depression, paranoia, and psychosis

Tyler J. Southard

February 25, 1994, to July 28, 2018

Tyler was smart, kind, and creative. When he was little he loved cars and trucks, drawing, and Legos.  When he got older, it became skateboarding, painting, songwriting, and playing music. He was one of those kids with a Midas touch, everything came easy to him.   

He was a straight A student, played with a band in his middle school and high school talent shows, started painting these amazing pictures, and always had lots of friends.  

We are pretty sure that Tyler started experimenting with cigarettes, and then marijuana during middle school, however, we didn’t find out till right after the start of his sophomore year of High School, that he was smoking, and doing drugs when his school called and told us that someone had come forward and turned Tyler in for threatening to kill himself. 

That was the first time our family’s life changed. We never had the same secure feeling with our son again.

His grades went from a 4.0 at the end of his freshman year to his getting a combination of A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s throughout the rest of his high school years. He just didn’t seem to care about trying anymore.  

Tyler began showing signs of depression and self-medicating with marijuana. He experimented with other drugs, but it was always marijuana he was addicted to.

During the last six months of his life, things became scarier as Tyler believed the government was listening in on him at the gas station where he was working. and that men in suits were coming into his work to tell him what a great job he was doing because somehow they knew he was trying to help other drug addicts recover through his music. He was just becoming someone who we didn’t know anymore. 

On the day of Tyler’s death, my husband woke up on a Saturday morning around 8:00 am.  He saw my son’s bedroom door open and the light was on, but Tyler wasn’t in there. He went downstairs, saw our bathroom door closed, and turned to walk away, but something made him stop and turn around.  He could only open the door a couple of inches, but he saw blood all over the floor. 

That day forever changed our family’s life with the devastation that we are still living with.

Tyler J. Southard
2/25/1994 – 7/28/2018