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Aubree Adams
Every Brain Matters Director
Aubree Adams, Director of Every Brain Matters

Aubree Adams not only has a BS in Exercise Science and Health promotion, but she is most proud of her experience as a mom of two sons, and two dogs, and as a host mom for youth in recovery. After working as a physical therapy assistant for over 20 years, this former Pueblo Colorado mom found herself at ground zero of the marijuana expansion movement.  She has shared her devastating Colorado experiences and knowledge of marijuana for drug prevention coalitions, alliances, and health departments all over the country. She has presented her first-hand experience of this public health crisis before the FDA, and the documentary  Chronic State, and testified in many state governments; asking them to choose to embrace healthy children and families, not the drug culture expansion.

As Director of Every Brain Matters, a primary project of the Parent Action Network, she has grown a community of support and advocacy based on science.  She intends for the EBM logo to be recognized as a life “free from marijuana” and instead valuing optimal brain and environmental health.  Aubree co-developed Mar-Anon, a 12-Step program that gives support and hope to families affected by another person’s marijuana use. She also hosts a podcast called, “It’s Just Pot:  What’s the Problem?”, where she openly discusses the public health crisis caused by the marijuana expansion.  Aubree was honored to be a recipient of Drug Free America Foundation’s 2021 Moxie award and her op-ed was published in USA Today.

In 2018, Aubree decided to leave Colorado due to the harms legal marijuana caused her family and community and join her son in a dynamic enthusiastic recovery community in Houston Texas, where she has volunteered as the parent coordinator. She embraces the opportunity to host teens and young adults who are in recovery in her home.  She sponsors, supports, and encourages other parents to work their own recovery programs and currently leads an online recovery group through the Every Brain Matters community.

Corrine LeMarca
Jennifer Messengers Director
Corinne LaMarca, Director of Jennifer Messengers

As the mom of a beautiful young woman tragically killed by a driver impaired by medical marijuana, Corinne Gasper is an impactful speaker who warns the public on the dangers of driving impaired by marijuana. Corinne is nationally and internationally known and featured on “The Ingraham Angle” and many other popular media sites. Among many prestigious awards, Corinne testified at the New Jersey Black Caucus and formed the Safe Teen Driving Delaware Ohio Task Force. She is a member of the legislation pillar of the OSU Risk Institute’s National Focus on Distracted Driving. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the Prevention Action Alliance and served as developmental manager for Parents Opposed to Pot and Every Brain Matters.  Corinne has volunteered many hours helping organizations like MADD, Smart Approaches to Marijuana, and Moms Strong.  

Currently, Corinne is the Director of Jennifer’s Messengers, her most important mission that honors her daughter and others whose lives have been lost to marijuana-impaired driving.   When Corinne not only educates on the dangers of impaired driving she teaches children to play piano, and enjoys many hobbies like cycling, and spending time with her family. 

Bronwen Skinner
Project Coordinator
Bronwen Skinner, Project Coordinator

Bronwen Skinner is a former Colorado parent who left in 2019 due to marijuana and drug expansion culture issues in her beloved community.  She has a BS in Theater/English/Psychology and a MA in Biblical Counseling.  She spent many years at home with her two wonderful children, one of whom has left Colorado as well. 

Bronwen has worked as a volunteer for Restorative Justice programs and a local combined middle school/high school for at-risk youth, as well as donating counseling time to single mothers.  She has been a teacher and leader in her church and has eleven years of youth ministry experience. She is grateful to be able to throw her hat in the drug prevention ring, believing that marijuana is a harm to many people and communities.

Currently, Bronwen serves as Outreach Coordinator for Every Brain Matters, Parents Opposed to Pot, and Jennifer’s Messengers, and works with Citizens for a Safe and Healthy Texas.  She helps coordinate the support and advocacy group meetings, coordinates Think Ya Know?, works to grow awareness for Jennifer’s Messengers, and uses her organizational skills and experience to plan and coordinate projects and campaigns.

Bronwen enjoys hiking, time with family and friends, serving in her church, and traveling.  She hopes to complete her and her husband’s bucket list of visiting all 62 National Parks, maybe even with their ever-evolving group of adopted rescue dogs. 

Hannah Palmer
Youth Coordinator
Social Media Administrator
Hannah Palmer, Youth Coordinator, and Social Media Administrator

Hannah Palmer is a college student at Olivet Nazarene University and doubles majoring in Criminal Justice and Political Science. She has been on the Dean’s list during her first two years of college and is on track to graduate early. Hannah just got accepted to a study program in Washington DC where she will find an internship that will focus on her majors. Hannah is not only an exceptional student, but she is also a Resident Assistant on campus and a Varsity Collegiate Athlete. She is very involved in her school and community. In her free time, you will see Hannah delivering meals to sick students, volunteering at the local hospital, playing intramural sports, and spending time with others. She is hardworking and enthusiastic about life.

Ever since Hannah was a young girl she saw the importance of living a drug-free life. After she saw the first-hand effects that marijuana was having on her peers, she became driven to do something about it. In her High School, she was the President of Students for Good Choices and was known for standing her ground on this issue. During her senior year, she found Every Brain Matters. 

Hannah has been working for Every Brian Matters since 2020 and is very passionate about what they do. Hannah is the Youth Coordinator and Social Media Administrator. for TikTok and Instagram. She is a wonderful advocate for living a drug-free life and promoting it every way she can. Hannah is excited to see what God has in store for her life and is actively trying to make people’s days a little bit brighter in every way she can.

Julie Schauer
Advocate, Activist, Speaker
Julie Schauer

Julie Schauer became involved with drug prevention work unexpectedly.  Having a Masters in Art History and years of college teaching behind her, she unexpectedly encountered marijuana activists while teaching.  The propagandists came from a lobbying group from Washington, DC, to recruit students. Seeing that the activists were in denial of the dangers of marijuana, she saw the need to counter their messages.  With the support of major national anti-drug groups and a publicist friend, she started Parents Opposed to Pot in 2014. She has given talks about the effects of marijuana at Rutgers University and at San Patrignano in Italy. The Drug Free America Foundation gave her a Moxie Award. She is glad that navigating the territory of drug use in a society that promotes it, is now behind her and with her children as adults.