Voices of Marijuana Harms: The Effects of Marijuana are Dangerous and Increasing

The expansion of marijuana and other drugs has overwhelmed our communities and has become a regular part of our culture. This new age of industrialized THC has allowed an industry to deceive the public about the effects of marijuana. As a result, many people are developing cannabis use disorder, cannabis-induced psychosis, cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, and many people are being harmed or killed by marijuana-impaired driving.

In response, the Every Brain Matters community has developed a critical campaign to empower families with the truth:

The Voices of Marijuana Harms

Marijuana’s harms are real and expanding.

We are exposing the truth by sharing how marijuana has impacted our families. Our authentic voices empower people to make informed decisions.

Revealing times of crisis takes courage and can also be an opportunity to protect another person’s life. Our stories are also fostering healing and helping families recover.

Every Brain Matters is a non-profit community developed by families who were personally impacted by marijuana’s harms. Let’s join voices to spread the truth together.

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