Every Brain Matters Needs YOUR STORIES!

Every Brain Matters is a non-profit community that was developed by families who are personally impacted by marijuana.

The proliferation of marijuana has overwhelmed our communities and has become a normalized part of our culture. This new age of industrialized marijuana has allowed an industry to deceive the public about the risks of using their dangerous products. As a result, people of all ages are developing mental and physical illnesses like cannabis use disorder, cannabis-induced psychosis, and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. In addition, many people, whether they use marijuana or not, are being harmed by secondhand marijuana smoke, violence and crimes associated with marijuana, and/or being killed or maimed by marijuana-impaired driving.

In response to these alarming outcomes, Every Brain Matters has developed a project to expose the harms of marijuana that empowers victims’ and families’ voices and provides critical information to influence decisions regarding public health. 

This project consists of three parts.

Please use this vital information to educate your communities and correct the false narratives spread by the marijuana industry. Click on the images below to access stories, the memorial, and resources.

We are informing the public and governmental officials by sharing our authentic stories from families impacted by marijuana.

This memorial makes a public statement on how the effects of marijuana are life-changing. We honor those who have passed.

We provide resources to help families prevent, manage, or recover from a loved one’s marijuana use.