My Son Has THC-Psychosis. Pull These Hemp Products From the Shelves

Posted on December 20, 2023 View all news

My family is currently in the process of helping our 17-year-old son, who is currently in a mental facility from THC psychosis. We are heartbroken.

He was first taken to the ER on December 8, 2023. He was panicked and paranoid. Drug tests were done, and he tested positive for THC and nothing else. He was combative and taken to a Behavioral facility. While in there, he was put on an antipsychotic for two days and then a depressant and was released.

We brought him home, and for the three days he was home, it was clear he was not well. We took him back to the ER. This time, the psychosis was worse. He was confused and was trying to leave. At one point, he was tased because he was not coherent and responding to the staff’s commands. He was then transported to another facility, where he is starting another antipsychotic today.

Nothing is worse for a parent to see a mental decline in their child who was otherwise a good kid with good grades, in choir, and held a job. I am scared because I can not be there with him to hold him, keep him warm, and comfort him. He is so confused, and I pray to God he recovers. I am so scared. I am on a mission to pull these dangerous marijuana products from the shelves, and I am more than willing to speak on it. I need help for my son.

Jennifer H.

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  1. Yes, You as many other mothers and fathers in this nation are appalled at what is in front of us – the destruction of the brain and well being of our children – The joy of teenage life of our daughters and sons is at risk just because a policy and media is pushing on them weed ” Marijuana and THC ” as a harmless and recreational drug that can be get in easy way, changing the course (for worse) the life of many families and forever. WEED IS WRONG and THC is killing our children. We need to atop this Now.

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