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Think, Ya Know?

Our Think Ya Know? series debunks the common misconceptions about cannabis and cannabis related products. Click on the questions below to learn more.

Parents Movement 2.0

Parenting just got a lot harder with legal marijuana.

“Marijuana Legalization is being aggressively pushed across the country by a motivated, well-funded and politically sophisticated industry – these efforts are taking away every family’s right to live in pot-free communities”

Jennifer’s Messengers

Many American’s lose their lives each year due to impaired driving. Traffic fatalities are rising in states which have legalized marijuana. We believe this emerging danger needs to be dealt with–the public needs to be forewarned, and politicians need to consider this issue when accepting campaign contributions from the marijuana industry

Jennifer was killed by a medical marijuana stoned driver when she was 22 years old. Corrine, Jennifer’s mom, educates the public that you don’t have to use marijuana to be harmed by its effects.

Every Brain Matters, Walk A Mile In My Shoes Walk-A-Thon

Help us bring awareness of the harms of marijuana and raise money for our documentary.

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