Marijuana and the Church: What Christian Families Need to Know.

With today’s burgeoning marijuana market, it can be confusing for Christians who want to help others with natural medicines to understand this product and it’s risks. This page is for Christians who are considering THC/CBD/Hemp Variant use for themselves, their families, or as a business to settle whether or not we can be in compliance with the great commandment in Luke 10:27 while promoting, using, or selling this drug.


The Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) released a statement of harms for marijuana/cannabis/THC regarding the harms and lack of regulation/enforcement of regulation on their website. While there are some FDA approved medicines using this plant, most claims are unproven and causing more harm than good. Click here to read the full statement.


A Marijuana Expert’s View (Kevin’s video from Marianne)

A Biblical Scholar’s view (Tim’s video interview with Luke)

A Medical View – link to IASIC and EBM/Science (maybe we can interview Dr. Voth and Dr. Reece epigenetics?)

There is no clear passage or verse in Scripture that specifically addresses cannabis/marijuana/THC use, so is using this drug a sin? Watch this short video from six leading scholars/pastors to find out the answer with the Scripture and theology to back it up

The Many Ways Cannabis Harms

While the marijuana/hemp/cannabis industry continually misstates that there are no harms to using their product, the science is revealing something very different. Very few claims made by this industry hold up under scrutiny, especially with the high-potency, mass produced products many states are allowing to be sold today. Click each image to see the full science for each harmful, sometimes deadly, effect of cannabis.


Alicia’s Story

Think marijuana only affects the user? Think again. Listen to the podcast to hear how marijuana farming and public use affected Alicia. Alicia describes how working and living near cannabis users and businesses causes her to experience symptoms like pain and vomiting similar to CHS, cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.   Every day she works hard to avoid being exposed to second-hand marijuana use, which is difficult when living in a state where marijuana use is a predominant aspect of the culture. 

Molly’s Story

Marijuana users forced Molly out of her home and into the Emergency Room twice, and there was nothing her Colorado apartment management could do about helping her. Click here to hear her story of how others’ use keeps her from being able to live in an apartment in legalized Colorado.

Corinne’s Story

“My daughter, Jennifer, was vibrant and intelligent. She had the brightest smile, with green eyes to match, playing lacrosse so well she earned herself a college scholarship. After college graduation and starting a new job, her new manager called her in the early morning hours to say there was an alarm going off in her store and asked Jennifer to meet her there. As my daughter was on her way, crossing an intersection not far from her home, a man came racing through the intersection at 82mph, speeding through the red light. He slammed into the side of my daughter’s car, sending it over the embankment and straight into the front wall of a building, collapsing it on Jennifer’s car. Jennifer passed away at the scene from the severe injuries she sustained. The 26-year-old man who caused her death was not injured. He admitted he was smoking medical marijuana, obtained in Michigan, before the crash, and there was marijuana in the car. After he took a plea and his charges were severely reduced to a felony 3, he spent a total of only 15 months in prison. His life goes on with a slap on the wrist while our lives are devastated forever due to false perceptions of the harms of marijuana use while driving.

Protecting the Unborn

Need short bio for Dr. Reece and layman summary of video


Should Christians oppose the legalization of marijuana? With today’s confusing cultural messaging on this drug, it can become a challenge to understand what it does, and many Believers are duped into not only voting for various degrees of this drug to be legalized, but are deceived into selling it as well, sometimes, even in your church bookstore! This article from The Gospel Coalition brings to light eight points addressing why Christians should oppose the legalization of cannabis products.

“What’s wrong with marijuana? Personally, I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be legalized. Many people have assured me that pot isn’t addictive. Besides, several states have already legalized it for medical or recreational purposes. Can you tell me why it shouldn’t be legal across the board?

Does this sound like you? Focus on the Family reveals four strong reasons why the Church should oppose the normalization of the drug. Click here to read the article.

“What a surprise. You can worship a weed. It’s no joke. The first Church of Cannabis was established in Indianapolis in 2015. It was thought to be a way to get around legal constraints by using the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of religion. Whether or not that’s true, it worked. Since the first congregation was established, they’re springing up in Colorado and California with other states following suit. The First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason opened its doors in Lansing in June 2016. Under Lansing City law, the church is free to operate and may not be penalized for possession or consumption of pot.”

Christian Broadcast Network recently (Jan. 2023) aired this report on cannabis/marijuana use. Health experts and broken-hearted family members along with former marijuana users themselves are all warning about the high potency of today’s weed. The combination of a stronger product plus states legalizing the drug equals a dangerous situation. The highly concentrated marijuana is leading to greater levels of addiction and mental disorders. It is time to weigh the costs against possible revenue and choose what is right for mankind.


Christian families are no longer immune from the harm and devastation marijuana use can cause, especially to the young, developing youth. Cannabis has been indoctrinated into our culture, and use is normalized and expected. To protect our families, we need to understand the science behind this often dangerous drug. Here are some of the many testimonies from Believers or their families who have gone through the devastation cannabis use can cause.


The Cross and the Marijuana Leaf. Should Christians use pot? Should they condone the use of it in our society? What would Jesus do? The author’s extensive experience, biblical approach, and current research provide clear guidelines for those struggling with today’s exploding drug culture. (18 pages)

Psychedelic Seduction: Drugging the World and the Church. If you think marijuana is rare or couldn’t be in your Christian community, think again. Pot communities and pot churches are on the rise nationwide, spreading bizarre forms of spirituality and taking advantage of religious freedom laws to act as medical dispensaries and avoid tax laws. Big Weed’s deceptive campaign promotes pot as harmless and medicinal, and the big profits entice Christian businesspeople. Furthermore, pastors generally don’t understand marijuana’s negative spiritual effects. (18 pages)

Marijuana: An Honest Look at the World’s Most Misunderstood Weed. This indispensable book will take you on a riveting journey as you examine marijuana through the disciplines of history, botany, science, public policy, business, faith and medicine. These disciplines prove to be invaluable and entertaining guides as you explore holistically the complex issues facing us concerning marijuana. Whether you are a physician, pastor, parent, politician, policymaker or student, Dr. Avery delivers the evidence-based, research-oriented, unbiased information you want and need. Plus, he unpacks it in a way that is accessible, understandable and user-friendly.

The Dangerous Truth About Today’s Marijuana.

This is the poignant life-and-death story of Johnny Stack, whose young and vibrant life ended by suicide after his descent into addiction to high-potency marijuana and cannabis-induced psychosis. 

You’ll laugh and cry with his mother, Laura Stack, as she retells the story of Johnny’s joyful childhood and then takes you through the unthinkable tragedy of his loss. It’s every parent’s nightmare. But this book is much more than Johnny’s story. 

Recommended Reading

From the leading authority on marijuana—a man who has served as White House advisor on drugs to three different administrations and who NBC News once called “the prodigy of drug politics”—comes the remarkable and shocking exposé about how 21st century pot, today’s new and highly potent form of the drug, is on the rise, spreading rapidly across America by an industry intent on putting rising profits over public health.
This book presents the case against marijuana on an equal footing. In it, you will learn:
– The scientific research refuting all the pro-marijuana talking points
– Why marijuana is not safe for adolescents, especially those behind the wheel
– How the news media helped to create an epidemic of teenage use
– Why the promise of tax revenue is a mirage
– Why legalization would be an economic burden on society
– The misleading language used by pro-legalization partisans
– Why marijuana laws that prohibit use are good for the public health
An eye-opening report from an award-winning author and former New York Times reporter reveals the link between teenage marijuana use and mental illness, and a hidden epidemic of violence caused by the drug–facts the media have ignored as the United States rushes to legalize cannabis.